Wave II

藝術家: 冼紈
Artist: Sin Yuen

Wave II 是前作 Glowing III及Wave I的延續。

從Glowing III中,傳統中國畫白描線繪是一個起點,發揮「線條」的多樣化表現力。驟看似水紋、布紋的作品,是她把九層礬絹拓裱在一起,再以重覆的線條去營造複雜的層次和紋理。


作品「Wave I」運用了非傳統的物料,在六塊厚亞加力膠上割線 (水紋),再把正及負面重叠一起,形成晶瑩透麗的水紋效果。冼紈仔細地經營細部,又顧及裝置整體的氣勢,所以作品都很耐看。能做到這個效果,看得出是經過一定的實驗,以及長久磨煉的工藝技巧。在技巧熟練的情况下,她能隨心意抒發感情,表現出一種內歛又細緻的趣味,承傳了中國文人畫所提倡之含蓄低調的氣質。

冼紈將會繼續發展「Wave I」。她將以Wave I為藍本再進一步利用重覆性母题去探討層次的變化及其深層意義, 以及光影變化與之關係。她會把這些重覆性的元素立體化,藉着空間次元的改變,增強視覺效果,所營造的層次效果會加強,不論在實際上或意義上亦然。這個行為可放大相關元素——線條的層次。她嘗試探討平面以外空間的可能性並與之發生互動的效果。當這些元素脫離畫面的限制,以獨立形態存在後,它們這些立體形態間似乎又多了些相互的交流。

冼紈會把Wave I分拆開兩部份, 然後各自分別再發展。第一部分會把Wave I放在地上的部分(鐵架及亞加力膠) 延長四至六倍, 形成仿似長河的狀態。在這部份會深入考慮物件本身與空間的關係, 同時亦會探討水、光影和層次的關係。真、假水在互相呼應。這是Wave II的主要構成。

第二部份會繼續沿用已有的表達手法(手繪絹本) 並擴大其規模。此部份將懸掛在天花而呈現波浪狀並與其上所繪画的母題相呼應,進而對 “層次” 這課題作另一層面上的探索,而這部份則是後話了,不在今次展出之列。

“Wave II” is the extension of  “Glowing III” and  “Wave I”

Sin Yuen’s installation work, Glowing III, shows the diversity of expression of “line”, she took traditional line drawing of Chinese Painting as her reference. At the first sight, you may think that is work of water wave or cambric. However, it was 9 layers of silk which mounted together, with the repeating line to create a level of complexity and texture. The use of light of the work is very unique too. When there is daylight, structured lines could be seen with abundant changes; when the light is out and lit up the UV light, floating visible phosphorescent lines could be seen. In Sin Yuen’s work, there is aroma of traditional Chinese painting as well as innovation of Chinese painting.

The work, Wave I, used non-traditional materials, cutting lines on thick acrylics, and then overlap the positive and negative to make the illusion of crystal like water wave. Sin Yuen manages the details carefully; nevertheless, she also takes into account of the overall momentum of the installation, thus the work is able to withstand careful appreciation. To achieve this effect, there are lots of experiments and long term trail of craftsmanship behind. With the proficiency of craftsmanship, Sin Yuen could express her feelings follow by her heart, and to show a kind of restrained as well as delicate interest. These lead to inherit of subtle and low key temperament which advocated by the Chinese literati painting.

Sin Yuen will continue to develop Wave I. She will use Wave I as the modeled, by using the repeating motif to have further exploration in the changes of layers and its deeper significance as well as the relationship between layering and light and shadow. She will make these repetitive elements become 3-Dimensional, and with the dimensional changes through space, enhance the visual effect and the effect of level creation will be strengthened whether in fact or sense. This behavior could magnify the related element, layers of line. Sin Yuen tries to explore the possibility of space outside the plane as well as the effect which caused by the interaction in between. When these elements become independent from the restriction of screen, there would have more inter exchange between their 3-Dimensional shapes.

Sin Yuen will split Wave I into 2 parts, and have re-development respectively. For the first part, she will extend the part of Wave I that put on the floor (metal framework and acrylic) by 4 to 6 times; seem to form the state of the river. This part will consider the relationship between object and space in depth, and at the same time, also to explore the relationship between layers and light and shadow. This becomes the major component of Wave II.

For the second part, she will continue to use her existing method of expression (hand-painted silk), and to expand its scale. This part will be hung in the ceiling showing wavy, and to respond to the motif of the drawing on it as to explore “Layer” in another level, which will be further developed in the future.


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