Corner II

藝術家: 冼紈
Artist: Sin Yuen

Corner II
冼紈的新作品「Corner II」 一貫她的風格,繼續探討線的可能,並運用獨特的夜光顏料,把三維的物件及空間改造成二維的視覺效果,於黑暗之中形成二維與三維的視覺交錯。今次的展覽,冼紈選取家家戶戶都有的空間 - 洗手間成為其作品的根據點,把這來去匆匆、不多逗留的空間細部逐一勾畫,讓人於黑暗之中重新認識線的存在與其排列,使現實間的三維褪去,繪畫二維空間。

Sin Yuen’s new work, “Corner II”, continue her style to
explore the possibilities of line. She uses unique phosphorescent pigments to transform the 3-Dimensional objects and space into the visual effect of 2-Dimension, leads to the visual interlace of 2-Dimension and 3-Dimension in the darkness, which is also the extension of “Corner”. In this exhibition, Sin Yuen will locate her work in the washroom, the space that everybody’s home must-have, and outline all the details inside the washroom. Audience would have new experience of the existence and arrangement of line in the darkness. The 3-Dimension of the actual world will be faded out, whereas the 2-Dimension space is being outlined.


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